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The Ultimate Implant Year Course

COMBINING HANDS-ON TRAINING WITH FIRST-RATE EDUCATION, CIRCUS HOUSE DENTAL & IMPLANT CENTRE WORKS IN PARTNERSHIP WITH SMILETUBE.TV TO OFFER THE ULTIMATE DENTAL IMPLANT YEAR COURSE.Circus House Dental & Implant Centre is an official Clinical Dental Implant Training Centre, one of only 14 dental Practices in the country to provide this postgraduate education.

The intensive, year-long training course is an excellent platform for developing the theoretical and practical skills required to place and restore dental implants in a safe and predetermined manner. The SmileTube teaching faculty is composed of some of the most experienced practitioners operating in the UK.

The majority of the dental implantology course will be taught online, where you’ll learn a range of implantology techniques and subject matters, including wound closure; implant design; abutment design; impression techniques; computer assisted planning; particulate grafting / membranes; sinus augmentation; block grafting and osteogenic distraction. offers the best online learning available in Implant Dentistry. It monitors and tracks everything you do on the site to build a portfolio of evidence.

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Our role as a Clinical Dental Implant Training Centre will be to deliver the practical component that supports the course theory. Circus House Dental & Implant Centre offers supervised learning and we will guide you at every stage during surgery and restoration.

Our tutors are highly experienced in their field, which means as qualified implant specialists their teachings will be invaluable. Your clinical learning at Circus House Dental & Implant Centre will enable you to become competent in case assessment and placement and restoration of dental implants.

The eight clinical practice days you will attend at Circus House Dental & Implant Centre will include the chance to work with real patients. Postgraduate students will work in a safe and predetermined manner in the General Dental Practice environment.

The Ultimate Implant Year Course is a structured, blended learning programme. This means you can learn at your own pace, returning to online module videos whenever you wish to revisit course content or recap on techniques learnt in surgery.

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